Much more than a simple security and automation solution, Ubihome offers round-the-clock safety, convenience and efficiency by allowing you to monitor, communicate with and control your home wherever you are. Designed to work with present and future smart sensors and controllers, it's the right choice for today and tomorrow.

Ubihome detects, records and reports unauthorized access to your home through door and window magnetic detectors, motion sensors and night vision cameras. High-pitched sirens and voice alerts intimidate potential intruders. Smoke detectors and fire alarms communicate critical information, helping to reduce risk to safety and property in the critical early stages. Flood Detectors sense and report water leakage as soon as it occurs. Smart plugs simulate presence at home by activating and deactivating indoor lights while you're away. Any disturbances will automatically notify the user by voice, e-mail, SMS and mobile application messages.

Home electrical devices can now be activated remotely from the palm of your hand with features allowing you to create scenes that run a series of pre-set actions, triggered either by detected events or upon command. Indoor cameras allow you to confirm, act, or ignore notifications, alerts or warnings to help differentiate between true or false alarms. In-unit sensors remind you to change batteries before they are completely drained.

In addition to ensuring that all lights are off when not in use, now your water heater can be remotely activated when you need, allowing you to enjoy hot water on arrival without wasting energy.

Whether you're home or away, Ubihome responds to your commands and notifies you through Android or iOS, mobile, tablet or PC.

Take comfort in knowing your personal data and communication with the central Gateway is secure through a proprietary and advanced level of encryption and information transfer.

In a nutshell, some of ubihome's benefits :

  • Wireless, easy to install
  • 24/7 oversight
  • 4 level backup (Power/Internet failure, jamming detection and real-time checkup)
  • Dissuasive voice messages + fake presence
  • In-app, SMS and e-mail alerts
  • IP Camera with 2-way voice and night vision
  • Automatic recording when detection occurs + on demand recording
  • Multilingual voice notifications
  • Remotely control and monitor through Web, Tablet or Mobile
  • 24/7 Local Support + Maintenance
  • 1 year warranty on all the devices
  • Several mounting scenarios are available
  • Full Home Automation using the same gateway