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The Smart Plug AN159-6 On/Off Module is a transceiver which is designed to control lighting and appliances.
When set to ON, the smart plug will detect the connected load wattage and overload status, thus ensuring safety and security.
This plug-in ON/OFF Module is able to detect current wattage (5~3150W) and overload wattage (3010~3300W) of connected non-dimmable lights or appliances.
When detecting overload state, the Module will be disabled and its On/Off button will be lockout of which LED will flash quickly for 30 seconds.
However, unplug and re-connect the Module will reset its overload condition to normal status.

  • Adopt U-net protocol to secure the success of wireless two way communication
  • Easy install
  • Very low no load power consumption, meet Europe year 2012 energy-related products requirement directive 2009/125/EC no. 1275/2008
  • Resistive load 3000W, 1500W for incandescent load or 320W for fluorescent load
  • Overload protection
  • Both instant power Wattage and Accumulated power consumption KWh report
  • U-net 3.0
Power No load standby power 0.5W (220V)
Input voltage 220 ~240V AC
RF Frequency 868MHz (EU)/ 923MHz (USA. Taiwan)
Regulation FCC part15.249 / EN300 220-1/
Distance min. 30m indoor min. 70m outdoor
Mechanical Weight 149 g
Dimension (W*H*D) 58.8x112x73.8 mm (Germany type AN158-2)
Environment Operation Temperature 0 ~ 45° C
Humidity 85%RH max
Load Resistive load 3000W
Incandescent load 1500W
Fluorescent Load 320W
load return error rate
load return error
overload 3150W

unit: mm

This item is available in the following packages: Automation , Combined , Automation