Devices /Wireless LED Bulb

This Wireless LED Bulb is designed to be powered on or off wirelessly by a Gateway or associated devices (up to 11 devices).
It can be used to control the on/off status of other associated devices as well.
The Bulb is a transceiver that can connect with U-Net wall switches, U-Net on/off plugs, or other EU605 LED Bulbs.

Base E27
Rated Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption (W) About 6W
Color Temperature (K) True White:5000K / Warm White:3000K
Mounting height
CRI >65
Mounting height
Lumen (lm) True White: about 350 lm / Warm White: about 300 lm
Lifespan (hr) 25000 (hr)
Transmitting Range Indoor 30m (open space)
Frequency Range 868.3 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 0°C ~40°C (indoor)
Storage Temperature -20°C ~60°C
Operating Humidity 85% RH
* Specifications are subject to change without notice

unit: mm

This item is available in the following packages: Automation , Combined