Devices /Door Window Detector

The Mini Door/Window contact detector consists of two parts; a Detector and a Magnet.
They are designed to be fitted to doors or windows with the Magnet mounted on the opening part and the Detector mounted on the fixed frame. Opening the protected door/window will remove the magnetic field, trigger the Detector and generate an alarm condition, (if the system is armed).
The Door/Window Detector is a U-net enabled device and is fully compatible with any U-net enabled network.

  • Adopt U-net protocol to secure the success of wireless two way communication
  • Very small size
  • With Tamperproof protection
  • Easy install
  • Low battery indication
  • U-net 3.0
  • Auto report the open/close status and battery status
  • Very low power consumption (3years battery life)
  • FCC part15.249 / EN300 220-1/ certification

Power Operating Voltage 3V CR2450
Standby current 4 μA
Operating current 25mA
Low battery voltage 2.7V
RF Frequency 868MHz (EU)/ 923MHz (USA. Taiwan)
Regulation FCC part15.249 / EN300 220-1/
Distance 180M open space
Mechanical Weight 23.6 g (without battery)
Dimension (W*H*D) 42x70x11.5 mm
Battery CR2450 620mAh
Battery life 3 years @condition 1
1 years @condition 2
Environment Operation 0 ~ 40° C
Temperature humidity 85%RH max
Hardware Magnetic gap
(Open → Close)
20 mm
Magnetic gap
(Close → Open)
35 mm
Condition 1: At normal connect situation and trigger 14 times per day (every trigger means close to open or open to close)
Condition 2: At normal connect situation and trigger 260 times per day (every trigger means close to open or open to close)

unit: mm

This item is available in the following packages: Security , Combined