Hestia Hestia Prime
24/7 oversight
3 level backup (Power, jamming and real-time checkup)
Dissuasive voice messages + fake presence
Alerts and notifications to several devices: SMS, E-mail, In-app notification
Automatic recording when detection occurs
On demand recording
Multilingual voice notifications
Remotely control and monitor through Web, Tablet or Mobile
24/7 Local Support + Maintenance
1 year warranty on all the devices
Countless mounting scenarios
Full Home Automation using the same gateway
Privacy of the data and Safety (encryption)
3G backup
Hestia Prime plan includes a 3G internet connection that can only work with the “Ubihome 3G Backup kit”. This connection consists of 500 MB of 3G that are used when the primary Internet connection is down. This 3G connection can only be used with the ubihome service (no browsing or any other application allowed).