General Terms & Conditions
For Subscription & Use Of The Service UBIHOME

Article 1 : Object

These General Terms and Conditions are intended to define the terms of access and usage of the Home Security and Automation Solution offered by UBIHOME through its three subscriptions: Basic Security plan, Basic Automation plan and Basic Combined (security + automation) plan. The Service (as defined below) usage is subject to compliance by the User (as defined below) as he acknowledges having been informed during his subscription and agreed to the terms.

Article 2 : Definitions

The expressions used as part of the General Terms and Conditions shall have the following meanings:
UBIHOME Alert is the message sent by the Equipment to the User by SMS, email or push notification when the presence of smoke or moisture is detected.

3G Backup kit refers to the 3G internet key and connection provided to the User subscribed to the Premium plans Formula "Alarm Premium Video" and that can only be used with the UBIHOME service. Once plugged to the UBIHOME central Gateway, it ensures the internet service continuity in case of temporary unavailability of main internet connection.

UBIHOME is the brand under which the Home Security and Automation system is commercialized.

Equipment means the UBIHOME devices available

Guaranteed Premises means the private residence or business premises in Lebanon selected by the User to install the UBIHOME Equipment

Service is the Home Security and Automation system that will be provided by UBIHOME in Lebanon to the User under the Terms and Conditions and in particular within the limits defined herein.

User means a capable individual acting on personal or professional level in Lebanon, and user of the Service.

Home Installation means the service under which UBIHOME offers the User the possibility to schedule an appointment with the Installation team in order to setup the Equipment in the Guaranteed Premises.

Installation Team means the UBIHOME accredited individual or team authorized to visit the User’s Guaranteed Premises to proceed with the Equipment setup, when this Service has been ordered.

Article 3 : Service Description

The Service allows the User that has purchased and installed the Equipment, regardless of the subscribed plan, to:
- Have a connected alarm system including a Central Gateway and different devices and accessories (the Equipment provided can vary depending on the UBIHOME plan subscribed and listed in the commercial documentation).
- Be notified by SMS, push notification and/or email on their mobile device or computer each time motion, smoke or water leakage are detected by the Equipment. The reception of the SMS or email alert is subject to the availability of the memory of compatible mobile devices or email storage of the User's computer. If the storage is full, the alert notification cannot be received.
- Have unlimited access (excluding internet connection cost) at the Service interface via a computer, a tablet or a compatible mobile phone, allowing them mainly to:
  • Remotely enable or disable the alarm system.
  • Schedule the automatic activation of the alarm system.
  • Manage the alerts recipients: two telephone recipients (SMS) and 2 email recipients.

- Using the camera compatible with the service:
  • Access his camera live through his UBIHOME Account, from his computer on mobile device.
  • Access and view recorded video sequences.
  • Access and view previously recorded videos during a limited period of time.
  • Benefit from 24/7 telephone support
  • When subscribed to a Premium plan (Security, Automation or Combined), have a Backup 3G kit in case of failure of the main internet connection. This kit can only be used as part of the Service and will be deactivated in case of abuse.

The User may, depending on its needs, buy devices or upgrade or downgrade their UBIHOME subscription payable in addition to the subscription. The Service and its subscriptions are fully described in the Commercial Documentation.

Article 4 : Prerequisites to the provision of the Service

In order to access the Service, the User must have:
  • A broadband internet connection (minimum 1 Mbps)
  • A router that has an Ethernet port
  • A computer and / or tablet and a compatible mobile phone
  • A Lebanese mobile number to be able to receive alerts from the system
  • An email address.
It is on the User’s responsibility to verify the compatibility of his personal Equipment with the Equipment and use of the Service.
Finally, in order to benefit from the Service, the guaranteed premises must be located in Lebanon.

Article 5: Subscription
The Service is opened to any User that fulfills the Prerequisites to the provision of the Service (Article 4).

The Service stays available if the User is abroad. He can still be connected to his client area through a computer, tablet or mobile phone, subject to the availability of an Internet connection, which will be billed according to the tariff conditions of the operator or ISP who provides it. If traveling abroad, the User will continue to receive alerts by SMS, receiving and / or consulting these alerts is likely to be charged by his mobile provider according to the fare conditions.

The User owns the acquired Equipment. In case of distance selling, the ownership transfer is confirmed and definitive once the withdrawal period expires.

The User authorizes UBIHOME to set the Equipment and shall not modify the settings made by UBIHOME or perform any other intervention on the Equipment that would alter the settings made by UBIHOME or the Equipment features.

The User agrees not to tamper or perform any technical intervention, alteration or modification of the Equipment for any purpose whatsoever. In the event that the User violates these recommendations, it is understood that in case of Equipment of Service malfunction, misuse or mishandling by the User, UBIHOME cannot be held responsible.

The User shall immediatly inform UBIHOME of any loss, destruction or deterioration of all or part of the Equipment.

UBIHOME undertakes to provide the after-sales service. The User benefits from a 1 year manufacturer warranty including parts and labor, as provided by the provider. Beyond this warrantee, in case of Equipment failure, the User may purchase a replacement for accessories or faulty Equipment.

External damages or the ones incured by mishandling or improper use of the Equipment by the User are excluded from the warranty.

Article 6 : Service Access

Access to the Service is subject to:
  • The verification by the User of the compatibility of the Equipment, hardware and software,
  • The creation of an account by the User on the website http: //,
  • The receipt by the User of its Equipment in case of remote subscription,
  • The Compliance with the installation of Equipment by the User or by the authorized provider in case of subscription of the Home Installation option.
Once in possession of the Equipment, the User has a period of 2 (two) calendar weeks to activate the Service using their username and password corresponding to their email address and a password that he has chosen.

The Service is accessible from the computer and / or tablet and compatible phone of the User.
The monthly subscription starts running and is charged by UBIHOME from the date of subscription to the Service by the User. Users are solely responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of Equipment and software including the necessary UBIHOME devices to access the Service. In case the User requeststhe home installation option by the Installation Team, he would only be liable for the operation and maintenance of such Equipment, UBIHOME itself being responsible for their installation and their implementation.

In no event, UBIHOME will be liable for the malfunction or misuse or mishandling of the Service or its incompatibility with any software, configurations, operating system or Equipment owned by the User and the latter shall, on first demand of UBIHOME, put an end to every disturbance of Service of UBIHOME or from any Third person due to connection conditions or use of non-compliant Equipment.

UBIHOME may be forced to interrupt exceptionally the Service in order to perform maintenance, improvement, reinforcement or extension of installation of its network and/or its internet website.

In addition, UBIHOME shall not be liable for the deterioration and/or the interruption of the operations made by the User as part of its internet connection to the Service or in case of an interruption resulting out of UBIHOME.

Usernames are personal and confidential. The User therefore undertakes to ensure safety, to preserve confidentiality and in particular, not to communicate them to third parties. Any connection or operation performed through the username related to the User shall be deemed as executed by the latter.

Except UBIHOME ‘s fault or fraud attributable to a third party proved by the User, the latter is solely responsible for the use of its username and resulting consequences. Regardless of the person of the User. The User shall declare immediately to UBIHOME any loss, misappropriation or unauthorized use of its usernames, UBIHOME having in this case the possibility of blocking the Service’s access or giving new usernames.

Article 7 : Service Usage
The User undertakes to use the Service in accordance with the Terms and Conditions herein.

When subscribing to the Service, the User must declare the installation address of its Equipment herein referred to as “The Guaranteed Premises”.

In case of moving or more generally moving any Equipment to another address, the User should inform UBIHOME about the updated address in writing.

UBIHOME shall not be liable for any use of the Service out of the Guaranteed premises of the User.

The User undertakes to use the Equipment only in Guaranteed Premises and in no event to move it to another local, especially abroad; In this respect, the User is solely responsible for using the Service out of the Guaranteed Premises.

In case the User moves the Equipment to another site especially abroad, UBIHOME has the right to suspend the provision of the Service.

The User shall abstain from using the Service for a purpose or in a fraudulent, illegal way, and in general, in a way violating any civil or penal provision of the law and especially in a way:
  • Violating the public order and good morals especially including elements such as, but not limited to, pornographic, prostitution, pedophilia or violent elements, the content can be viewed by minors in case the User use a camera as a port of the Service provision.
  • Revealing an incitement for killing, racial hatred or for committing crimes against humanity.
  • Violating the legal rights of third parties or of UBIHOME especially by insulting them or by violating their privacy or personal rights, as well as their proprietary or pecuniary rights.

The User undertakes to use the Service for his own needs or for the needs of his professional activity.

The use of the Service in any other form or place is illegal, especially the Service marketing or the use of the Service by other users.

The User shall abstain from modifying the configuration set by UBIHOME or any other modification concerning the Equipment, which will lead to modify the configuration as set by UBIHOME or the features of the Equipment.

The User shall immediately inform UBIHOME of any malfunction, disappearance, mishandling, misuse or deterioration affecting the operation off all or part of the Equipment.

The User acting professionally shall verify if the installation of the Equipment in the Guaranteed Premises is in compliance with the Lebanese Laws related to its activities and to the requirements of his professional insurance.

In case of a non-compliant use of the Equipment with the Terms and Conditions herein, UBIHOME will not be responsible for the consequences related to the use of the Equipment.

UBIHOME shall not control videos or any data reachable by the User, stored, exchanged or consulted by the latter or transited through the Service, and shall not be responsible for their content, nature nor features, the User is the sole responsible.

The User undertakes to use the Service exclusively for the purpose for which it was conceived, by UBIHOME, as defined in article 3 herein and consequently to abstain from any abuse.

The User is informed that the Service shall not constitute a remote monitoring system.

The registered videos issued from the camera installed by the User shall be stored on the User’s personal Cloud offered with UBIHOME Subscriptions for /30/ days and only the User shall have access. The records shall not be freely accessible to User’s visitors, employees or customers.

The User shall obtain the express written approval of all persons whose images are captured by the installed cameras in private Premises and shall respect the applicable rules governing the relations between employers/ employees in accordance with the provisions of the Lebanese Labor Law.

The User shall be committed to fulfill all obligations imposed by legal or regulatory provisions in force at the time of the use of the Service.
The User acknowledges being aware of the nature of the internet service and, in particular, its technical performance and the possibility of interruption, slow speed and inaccessibility to the internet service.

The User acknowledges having been warned that the internet data shall not be protected against any form of intrusion, that the confidentiality of some information transferred by the internet cannot be provided by UBIHOME and that he shall devote all necessary ways in order to preserve the confidentiality of this information.

Moreover, the User shall assure the protection of the data and/or software and/or stored software in the Equipment linked to the Service against any form of contamination by virus and/or any intrusion by piracy.

The transfers done by the User throughout Internet are made at his own risk.

More generally, the User is the sole responsible for the use of the Service and undertakes to respect permanently the legal, regulatory and administrative provisions in force while using the Service.

He acknowledges that UBIHOME shall not be liable from any damage and/or third party’s complaints or claims related to his use of the Service and the installation of the camera.

He also acknowledges that any infringement of his obligations can particularly prohibit his access to the internet, which UBIHOME is not considered as liable for.

Article 8 : Duration

This agreement is an unfixed-term contract.

Article 9 :Financial Conditions

The monthly price of the Services is defined in the Commercial Documentation, in points of sale or searchable on the Website of UBIHOME.

The tariffs applicable to the Service and to the option (s) eventually chosen by the User are those applicable at the date of the Service subscription.

At the date of the Service subscription, the User shall be charged:
  • For the Equipment price included in the purchased Pack UBIHOME and the chosen features.
  • For the first month subscription.
  • For the shipping fees in case of a remote subscription.
  • For the domicile installation fees in case of a subscription to the present option.

In event of a subscription via the phone or the dedicated internet website, the payment of the invoice shall be made only through credit cards.

The amounts owed by the User to UBIHOME for the monthly subscription are subject to monthly electronic invoices sent in advance and related to the Services and its features.

The following invoices related to the monthly subscription shall be made monthly and shall include the monthly price of the subscribed Service and the eventual features.

Every period covered by the Service and/or its features which has already started shall be due in full.

The invoices sent by UBIHOME shall be settled within /16/ days starting from the issue date of the invoice.

The settlement of the invoice shall be made through automatic bank withdrawal.

For this purpose, the User shall authorize UBIHOME to use his personal data in order to deliver and preserve an electronic certificate.

The User is informed that the electronic proof shall constitute a Prima Facie evidence in writing and in the event of a conflict between the latter and UBIHOME, the electronic documents provided by UBIHOME prevail on those provided by the User.

The User shall inform UBIHOME immediately in any way, then confirm by letter within one week, of any modification of the bank account details.

In the event of Equipment purchase by the User during the contract period, the payment shall be made either in a defined point of sale, or via phone or the internet website of UBIHOME, through credit card in the last two cases.

The User is the sole responsible for the payment of all invoiced amounts.

In the event of a non-payment of the whole or part of the invoices at the due date, legal interests shall be charged after sending a formal notice to the User which remained without effects for /15/ days from the receipt of the notice.

Such interests are calculated from the day following the due date until the effective date of the payment of the whole amount, without ignoring the right of UBIHOME in claiming damages resulting from the late payment.

In the event of a non-payment of the due amounts by the User , UBIHOME reserves the right to suspend the subscribed Service and after having sent a warning letter which has been remained without effect, UBIHOME reserves the right to terminate the Service according to article 12. The suspension of the Service shall make all invoiced amounts due. Only the payment of all due amounts shall allow the reactivation of the suspended Service.

Article 10 : Liability

UBIHOME is committed to make its best efforts in order to offer a good quality Service. The Service shall not constitute a warranty against the risks of break-ins.
UBIHOME shall not be responsible for the following events:
  • The violation by the User of its obligations defined in the present Terms and Conditions;
  • A non-compliant use of the Service with its technical features and Equipment;
  • A wrong configuration of the Equipment by the User;
  • An eventual, intentional or unintentional deterioration of the Equipment;
  • Any sort of accidents affecting either the Equipment or the telephone or electrical service such as shock, hypertension thunderbolt, lighting, flood, fire, and in general, all the events resulting from an abnormal situation or use of the Service;
  • A phone network or electrical network breaking down, due to the operator of the said services or of those of the User.
  • A breaking down of an ADSL network used by the User, that is related to a failure of the internet service, to a malfunction of the router used by the User or to a malfunction of any piece set between the Equipment and the ADSL router.
  • A non-compliant use of the 3G Backup Kit;
  • A disorder or an interruption of the Service indirectly attributable to UBIHOME;
  • A Force Majeure;
  • Damages suffered by third parties or by the User due to the infringement by the User and/other persons.

The present agreement shall not, in any way replace the insurance agreement which the User shall sign in order to cover all risks related to theft, vandalism, fire and other damages that can affect the Guaranteed Premise and its goods.
In no event, UBIHOME shall be responsible for material and physical damages due to detected or non-detected fire by the Equipment and/or due to the detection of the smoke that >UBIHOME couldnot inform the User nor his employees about.

Article 11: Limitation of liability

In no event shall UBIHOME or their respective representatives, subcontractors, affiliates or suppliers be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or enhanced damages (indirect damages), lost profits, revenues, data or use or diminution in value, investment, revenue, return, contract, production, opportunity, goodwill, data business, savings or goodwill, arising out of or relating to any breach of this agreement, regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable, whether or not UBIHOME was advised of the possibility of such damages.

Moreover, in no event shall UBIHOME’s aggregate liability and indemnity arising out of or related to this agreement, whether arising out of breach of the present General Terms And Conditions of the contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise not considered by court to fall under such category, exceed {..} % of the total amounts paid under this agreement

Article 12: Termination of the Service

The User can terminate the Service in any time, after sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt one month prior to such termination, regardless of the subscription to UBIHOME’s Service.

The termination shall be effective at the first monthly due date after receiving the request.

The User shall be informed that the termination of the Service makes the purchased Equipment inoperable and allows the loss of saved videos. Before the Termination of the Service, the User may download saved videos to his mobile or personal computer if he would like to, because they will be deleted definitely when the Service is terminated.

Article 13: Personal Data

UBIHOME shall take, collect and use all necessary measures in order to ensure the protection and the confidentiality of the information provided by the User to UBIHOME.. The information collected while subscribing to the Service as well as those collected while using the Service by the User shall be entered into a database. It shall be used by UBIHOME and its partners.

UBIHOME shall use these information in the event of marketing or commercial activities, direct prospection done by SMS, E-mail or phone call after obtaining in advance, the approval of the Subscriber. However UBIHOME shall directly use these information during prospection related to similar products and services or in the event of a prospection made through the phone or the post.

The Subscriber shall be informed that his communications with the Client Service may be registered.

At any time, the Subscriber shall have the right to access, rectify, collect additional information, and when appropriate, to contest the use of his personal data, through an e-mail sent to the following address:

The Subscriber shall provide UBIHOME his name, last name, phone number, as well as a copy of his identify card (ID). He shall also provide the address he would like to receive UBIHOME’s answer to.

Article 14 : Cession

The Service subscribed by the User is personal and the present agreement shall not in any way be assigned by the User in total or in part to another person. In addition, the User shall abstain from reselling or commercializing the Service.

Article 15: Litigation

It is agreed between the parties that the present Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, constructed and enforced in accordance with the Lebanese Laws.

Any dispute related to the interpretation or the execution of the present agreement, shall in first place, and if it is possible be resolved through negotiation, all dispute arising from the interpretation or the execution of the present Terms and Conditions shall be of the jurisdiction of the Courts of Beirut.